First and foremost, we really are trial lawyers, and we have a clear record going back decades to prove it. At least one McKinney Taylor lawyer is in trial or actively preparing for trial virtually every week of the year. We always have significant appeals pending. We provide timely, thoughtful and detailed case evaluations and then we stand behind them. We do not twist arms at mediation. We do not send “black-bordered letters” to our clients two weeks from trial. Our case development strategy is thorough, effective and trial focused so that when the decision is made to try the case, we are confident, prepared, and ready to face a jury.

At McKinney Taylor, we share a common vision of what a commercial and institutional defense firm can and should do as attorneys representing our clients and as members of a vibrant, growing and diverse community. Collectively, we have over three hundred plus trials, more than one hundred and fifty appeals in virtually every kind of case and over two hundred years combined legal experience. We come from a variety of backgrounds and communities, which means when we go to trial, we represent and reflect our Greater Houston community, one of the most diverse communities in the country.