From the late 80’s until fairly recently, most of Texas’ main urban areas produced consistently moderate-to-conservative juries.  That is changing, and the ramifications are significant.   Over the last couple of decades, the Plaintiff’s Bar was forced to adapt to what was, from their viewpoint, a less than welcoming litigation environment.  As a result, today’s Plaintiffs’ Bar is more creative and more tenacious than ever before.  A sizeable portion of today’s Plaintiffs’ Bar believe they and their clients were victimized unfairly by the earlier, more conservative outlook.  They now perceive that juries are becoming less conservative and more open to finding liability and making larger awards.  It is clear to us, since we are consistently seeing higher demands and more aggressive case development, that we are in a new era, one in which plaintiffs’ counsel sense they have the upper hand and act accordingly.

Thriving In A Changing Environment

Only clients whose counsel are actively and effectively assessing and responding to this new litigation environment will find themselves on anything approaching a level playing field. Everything about our major urban centers is changing. We are too. As one example, we strive for diversity. A jury is more receptive to a trial team that reflects the make-up of their community. We are committed to thriving in an environment of change. That is why we are different, and clients should know and understand the difference.