Experienced Defense

Any firm can handle a routine matter. Many cases appear to be fairly routine – until they are not. Other cases are challenging from the outset, whether due to the liability facts, the extent of damages or the personalities of the parties. If mediation fails and summary judgment is denied, the client is faced with the decision either to pay whatever it takes to satisfy the plaintiff or to try the case. On those occasions, it is critically important to know that your trial team is ready to make your case whenever and wherever you need them. We have been doing that for nearly four decades all over Texas.

Our Services

Practice Areas

  • Civil Appeals
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Coverage Analysis and Litigation
  • Construction and Construction Defect
  • D&O Defense
  • General Tort Defense
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Trucking Litigation

Consistent Delivery

We understand that most of our clients prefer a negotiated resolution to the uncertainties of trial. It is axiomatic that the credibility of the defense and the quality of defense counsel play major roles in resolving a case acceptably. We consistently deliver in this regard because we are known and respected by our adversaries as trial lawyers who are always ready to face a jury if a fair resolution cannot be had. We’re prepared to win with the jury or prosecute an effective appeal.